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BBA 3 day course  Horse Event

BBA 3 day course

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Monday, 24th April, 2017
class 1 this is the balance payment for the course for if you have already paid the deposit - 95.00
class 2 this is the full payment for the course - 175.00
class 3 - day attendance for Monday 24th April - 60.00
class 4 - day attendance for Tuesday 25th April - 60.00
class 5 - day attendance for Wednesday 26th April - 50.00

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The BBA 3 day course is to be held at Somerford from Monday 24 April to Wednesday 26 April. This is open to BBA members only - membership is only 7.50 for the year. We would love to have new members attend. We are a super friendly and encouraging group and run flatwork, jumping, drill riding, xc traning and pleasure rides thoughout the year as well as unmounted social events. The course is over three days with 3hrs instruction every day and choice of the farm ride or a dressage lesson on the final afternoon. We will have a non jumping dressage focused ride and three different jumping groups at varying heights.
There are 2 classes
class 1 is the balance payment of £95 - use this is you have already paid a deposit (£80)
class 2 is the full payment of £175 - use this if you have not paid a deposit

You will be divided into rides according to your ability and experience of horse and rider. There will be a non-jumping group which will focus on dressage and polework.
Hats to current standard should be worn.

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Day attendance is now possible for a couple of people in case anyone is struggling to get time off work. Please speak to Liz first and then classes 3-5 can be used to pay for this

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