St Ebbas Farm

Pole Work Clinic at Epsom RDA

1 hour long with a maximum of 6 riders.   Pole work is great fun and helps improve suppleness, straightness and gymnastic ability in your horse which is great training for all disciplines.  
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Bookings closed

Event dates

Sun, 14 Apr '24
14:00 pm

Sun, 14 Apr '24
16:00 pm

Bookings open

Fri, 03 Feb '23
09:00 am

Sat, 13 Apr '24
22:00 pm
Maximum spaces per day (for the event): 12


1 hour long with a maximum of 6 riders.
Pole work is great fun and helps improve suppleness, straightness and gymnastic ability in your horse which is great training for all disciplines.


Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. By completing an entry, whether online or in writing, you agree to the following terms and conditions. All entries or bookings must be accompanied with the appropriate entry fees.
2. All Dressage competitions shall run under British Dressage rules, unless stated otherwise, and all Show Jumping shall run under BS rules, unless stated otherwise.
3. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without reason, to cancel or alter any class, section or competition as they see fit without giving reason. Classes may be split if entries warrant.
4. The judge’s and organisers decision is final. Any objections must be lodged with the Secretary within 15 minutes of the incident and supported by a £10 deposit, which will be returned if the objection is upheld.
5. Epsom RDA, the organisers, their representatives or helpers do not accept liability for injury, damage or loss suffered by spectators, entrants, their horses, grooms, friends, vehicles or property, however caused, and under any circumstances, except proven negligence of the organisers. Claims for negligence against the organisers must be submitted in writing on the day of competition.
6. All entrants must compete in the declared order. If a entrant does not present themselves to the steward when called they will be deemed withdrawn.
7. Practice jumps must be jumped in the correct direction, white flag to the rider’s left hand side and red flag to the rider’s right hand side.
8. Correct riding attire must be worn by all entrants unless stated otherwise. Current BSI standard hard hats must be worn and properly secured at all times whilst mounted. Body protectors are also advised when jumping and are compulsory for all outdoor Cross Country events.
9. The welfare and health of all horses attending any event at Epsom RDA is paramount. Any horse deemed to be sick or injured in anyway will be immediately eliminated and the owner shall be asked to remove the horse from the premises. All horses must be 4 years old or over and eligible to compete, with exception of young stock showing classes.
11. Lunging is not permitted in any of the arenas at any time.
12. Entries in some cases will be limited, and if after the closing date entries are over-subscribed, a random ballot will operate. Waiting lists will be kept for all over-subscribed classes.
13. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and remain the responsibility of the owner.
14. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
15. It is the responsibility of all entrants to ensure that the grounds of Epsom RDA are kept clean and litter put in the bins provided. Entrants must thoroughly poo pick after using the facilities
16. Epsom RDA reserves the right to ask any entrant or visitor in breach of these terms and conditions, to leave the grounds immediately.
17.Epsom RDA reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions should the need arise.
18. Smoking is not permitted whilst mounted, in either the outdoor or indoor arena or within 5 metres of any doorway.
19. In the event of a Zonotic diseases (e.g Strangles, Equine Influenza, Herpes Virus) outbreak in the local area then all hirers and entrants are responsible for making sure that they minimise the risk of any potential contamination and if requested they provide a vet certificate to ensure the horses are disease free before arriving on site.



The organiser of this event has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health & safety of everyone present.  For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers and stewards.


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Who & where

Organiser contact
Carol Reyes
Carol Reyes
St Ebbas Farm
Hook Road
KT19 8QW