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Sunday, 28th January, 2018
Class 1 School's 70cm League Class - 12.00
Class 2 School's 80cm League Class - 12.00
Class 3 School's 90cm League Class - 12.00
Class 4 School's 1.00m League Class - 12.00
Class 5a Springboard 128cm - 15.00
Class 5b Springboard 138cm - 15.00
Class 6a Pony British Novice First Round - 15.00
Class 6b Pony Intro 80cm Open - 15.00
Class 7a Pony Discovery First Round - 15.00
Class 7b Pony Intro 90cm Open - 15.00
Class 8a Blue Chip Pony Newcomers - First Round - 15.00
Class 8b Pony Restricted Rider 1.00m Qualifier - 15.00
Class 9a Pony Foxhunter First Round (Inc. The Pony Restricted Rider 1.10m Qualifier) - 15.00
Class 9b Pony Restricted Rider 1.10m Qualifier - 15.00

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First Aid is provided by the show organiser, so there won't be a separate charge for this service.

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