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Ekko Cavaletti Clinic Horse Event

Ekko Cavaletti Clinic

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Saturday, 22nd April, 2017
Individual - 40.00
Shared ( Shared sessions based on two people sharing can only be guaranteed if there are enough people to make a pair ) - 25.00
Wobbleberry Training - Shared session - 25.00
Wobbleberry Training individual session - 40.00

Ekko Cavaletti Clinic Equestrian Event Notes


We are huge fans of Cavaletti and pole work in our horses training . Over the winter we will be holding a series of clinics . It has fantastic benefits for horses of all disciplines .

Cavaletti / poles helps to improve the regularity and rhythm of paces, suppleness , strengthen muscles , improve the horses core stability , increase balance , helps to activate hind legs & encourages the horse to work over the back. – These are just to name a few!
Most importantly its good FUN and the horses really enjoy it!

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International dressage riders Rebecca Bates UKCC qualified , BD Recognised trainer and BHS accredited coach and Keri Bates List 3 trainee dressage judge

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