Equestrian Event ECCTG Show Jumping in Somerford Park Farm 14 Jan 2018 - Horse Monkey Events

ECCTG Show Jumping Horse Event

ECCTG Show Jumping

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Show Jumping         

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Sunday, 14th January, 2018
Non-member day ticket fee - 5.00
70cm - 12.00
80cm - 12.00
90cm - 12.00
1m - 12.00
1.10m - 12.00
1.20m - 12.00

ECCTG Show Jumping Equestrian Event Notes


Please only contact the organiser or ECCTG committee about this event, do not contact the venue directly as they are not organising the competition.

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ECCTG Show Jumping Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

This is an ECCTG event and all competitors, by entering, agree to abide by ECCTG rules (http://www.ecctg.com/members/competition-rules/).

Open to non-members (16+ if PC members, otherwise 17+) upon payment of the £5 day ticket fee - applicable once per rider per competition. This can be paid by adding an entry to the 'non-member' class. Checks will be made!

Withdrawals from dressage competitions will only be eligible for a refund if made before the times are published or if they can be replaced.

Horse monkey fees and transaction fees are non-refundable.

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