My Branding

My Branding Horse Monkey

Branding your events can make you stand out from the crowd!!!

You can upload your company logo and banners to take advantage of the following branding opportunities.

1 - Event Identifier Button
Format - Circular logo
Positioning - Top left hand side of each
Dimensions - 80 pixels diameter

2 - Event Details Footer
Format - Rectangular banner
Positioning - Positioned at the bottom of each Event Detail Page
Dimensions - max-width: 728 px, max-height: 90 px

3 - Entry Form Logo / Schedule Logo
Format - Square / Rectangular Logo
Positioning - Top right corner of the entry form, top right corner of the Event Schedule and bottom right corner of the entry confirmation form
Dimensions - max-width: 250 px, max-height: 200 px


Branding history

Branding history Horse Monkey

Horse Monkey Terms & Conditions of Branding Service


For organisers


Before uploading images please make sure you own the copyright of the image/logo used for you branding and note that your images will be submitted for approval before they are visible on our website. These images must not be offensive in nature. Uploading content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence will result in your account being cancelled.


By subscribing to Horse Monkey's Branding you accept to be responsible for the images uploaded and to comply with our terms and conditions.