F.A.Q. - Super Monkey Shows

F.A.Q. - Super Monkey Shows

What are they?

They are shows, which have special Horse Monkey prizes! These prizes are only awarded to riders who have entered the event using Horse Monkey.

We have created Super Monkey Shows as our way to say Thank you to you for using Horse Monkey and to spread the Monkey Love!

What kind of prizes are at stake?

All of our prizes are Funky Horse Monkey Merchandise, you can also buy these but it is much more fun to win one!!

Super Monkey Shows will have:

  • 1st Place - Horse Monkey Fleece Show Rug
  • 2nd to 5th Places - A funky Horse Monkey baseball cap

How can you get these prizes?

Quite simple all you have to do is enter the Super Monkey Shows using Horse Monkey to book your entries.

How are prizes allocated?

Show organisers decide how prizes will be allocated, you will be able to see how prizes for each show are allocated in the detail section and on the entry form of the event so don’t forget to look!

  • First Entry Wins!
    The Horse Monkey System will automatically allocate prizes – to the first 5 entries. All you will have to do Enter … quickly!!! The prizes will be distributed at the show, so please make sure you to see the Show Secretary to get your Prize and take some creative selfy to share with us!

    Note: Only one entry per rider. Only your first entry will qualify for a prize (if you process the entry of multiple classes in the same event through separate bookings the subsequent entries will not qualify for a prize)

  • Random Prize Draw
    The Horse Monkey System will randomly allocate prizes to 5 of the entries processed for the show. By entering the show through Horse Monkey you could be a winner! We will let you know you have won by email and all you will have to do is collect your Prize from the Show Secretary, then take some lovely shots of you with your Prize to share with us!

  • You Decide!
    The venue will decide how prizes will be distributed throughout the day. You will see the details on each Class as they nominate which one will be the lucky class of the day.

How will you identify Super Monkey Shows?

Monkey's face will appear on the Enter Now button of the events nominated as Super Monkey Shows and details of the type of Prize allocation will be noted on the Events Detail page and on the Entry form details.

We will of course do our best to promote Horse Monkey Shows so you can make the most out of it!