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  • Manage & Publish Events for FREE!!
  • Take payment for entries without setting up a shop, at no cost!
  • Or you can get our team to do the work for you!! Horse Monkey Premium is a service for registered venues and organisers, you can find out more about it under the "MY SERVICES" tab of Your Monkey.
  • Receive one payment for all transactions, reduce the risk of bad debt.
  • Assign Management to third party Organisers (useful when you hire your venue!)
  • Duplicate Events to Save Time
  • Download List of Entries to create a Start up list
  • Automatically create Schedules based on the details published
  • Publish results
  • Sell additional supplies and service
  • Provide a discount to your members
  • Link all your events to your website
  • Promote your event via Social Media
  • Recruit Volunteers

Contact with Horse Monkey Team

Offer your clients a new way to enter!

Paper and pen are tools of the past, no more paper forms to fill in, lost post or guess work involved! Our App allows your clients to enter from the palm of your hand!
Monkey Premium

You can now upload your events without any effort!

Made for those who have no time to sit in front of a computer or perhaps those that need a little bit of extra help.

We will upload your events for you and let you do the rest. As soon as the events are ready we will let you know so that you can start to monitor your account and see entries come in! Please note that our subscriptions to Monkey Premium are monthly, this rate includes an unlimited number of schedules per month.

Just select the subscription you want and send your schedules to

If you do not have an account yet, please get in touch so we can get you going as soon as possible!
Monkey Premium Service