About Us

We are all about keeping things simple - to have fun and enjoy life doing what we like best … horses.

For this reason, we have set out to create a unique site, Horse Monkey, which moulds itself to the user, adapts to what you want to see and how you want to see it. A simple site that not only shares a passion for horses with you, but makes the experience interactive!

Having explored many aspects of equestrian sport, we realize that the “sport” is only an aspect of the fascination but that the true attraction is to the horse itself. Horse Monkey will be all-encompassing, every breed and every creed, from Olympic sports to medieval traditions.

Our ultimate goal is to help those that participate already to spend more time doing what they love and for those that have yet to experience our level of fanaticism, our goal is to get them involved.

Horse Monkey will grow gradually because we would like your input to be a vital part of development. We have many tricks up our sleeves and hope you will help us discover more. Share with us your thoughts, ideas, passions and suggestions regarding all things equine and get involved in the development of Horse Monkey!
Horse Monkey